The Epic Wedding Planner

Decor and Concepts

Your special day is made simply elegant. We integrate creativity and technology to engineer your events to give you classy and elegant décor and concepts. We deliver you the best while staying in line with your budget. We are pioneers in making your events as awe-inspiring as you dreamed them to be. We strive to give our clients the full attention and service they deserve.

Theme Weddings

Namms make your theme wedding truly spectacular. We design, create and coordinate theme weddings. We make each wedding unique and different from others according to the theme. We ensure superior service for our esteemed clients. We manifest your ideas, and style and use our creativity to make your wedding trendy, glamorous, and grand the way you like it. We strive to be the best at what we do.

Mehndi Night

wedding celebrations include a number of pre-wedding functions such as mehndi night. We help you in organizing all your pre-wedding functions and celebrations so that you don’t miss out on the smallest of details. We bring to your mehndi night unique themes, incredible décor, delectable food, and loads of entertainment. Our professional approach ensures unparalleled results and maximum value for your money.


Music is in the air where entertainment event is being organized. To reinforce your wedding’s theme songs are essential to charge the environment during cocktails to set the mood for dancing during the ceremony, and to encourage talking during dining. Our concern can handle these points of your music planning after discussing them with you. We strongly believe in the power of music. And we understand, the tone you set with music is one of the finest ways to personalize your wedding function. This music may be provided by a live band, a DJ, some artist group, or a combination of these. Our department, especially linked to musicians will take care of your taste and feelings.

Wedding Venues

We are a pioneer event management company that offers a new approach to the venue and facility management. Our experienced team has the perfect expertise to manage your venues to make your events successful. Success is achieved through proven management methodologies to get maximum results. We value, client relationships and customer service. Based on this approach we strive to give the best to our clients ie: superior service and complete satisfaction.

Exclusive Catering

Events bring you an exclusive catering service for your event that will have your guests asking for more. We offer an exquisite menu, as per your taste, and cook it with innovative style and the freshest ingredients. We offer a wide range of menus for you to choose from, each flavor cooked to perfection. Your event will become a dining experience for your guests with utterly authentic cooking and marvelous catering service.

Photography and Video

Your events are your best experiences. We ensure they become part of your memories by capturing them in photographs and videos so that you can relive and enjoy them for years to come. Our goal is simply to capture the priceless moments in life to cherish and share. Our professional team has an eye for composure, and the best equipment and delivers outstanding photos and videos that truly capture the moment. Trust us for your photography and video requirements and we will give you great memories to enjoy and remember.

Bridal Makeup

Marriage is the only occasion when the bride is in the state of ‘I am ready for my close-up’. The day when every bride wants to be her most radiant self. The key to success on that day lies in your makeup. Makeup should be such that it will bring out your best without overshadowing one’s natural beauty and features. Bridal makeup must be done with utmost care and safety while considering every beauty aspect of the bride. Most importantly (which usually everyone misses), Bridal makeup color needs to be finetuned to look right against the hue of wedding attire. We have specialist bridal makeup artists for this occasion who understands the significance of their work

Designer Invitations

A fabulous invitation is always the life of the party. The most glamorous way to invite is to send the most unexpected invite. We at Wedding Planners in Delhi take this philosophy forward and bring you the most designer invitations you have ever seen. Personalization gives our invites a personality, so they are like works of art. We believe that every legendary party begins with an unforgettable invite and we specialize in that.

Ladies Sangeet

We are an outstanding event management company that crafts all your requirements which includes the lady’s sangeet ceremony. We deliver high-quality and unforgettable experiences for your lady’s sangeet. We are known for our creativity and style and will make your sangeet ceremony exclusive and magical. We arrange the best artists who bring alive any ceremony. We are a team of professional event planners and can transform your sangeet ceremony into an occasion your guests and you will remember for a long time.

Baraat Band/ Ghodi Wale, Baggi, & Palki

We bring you our unique service of a Baraat band for your wedding. Our band members bring soul and energy to your ceremony manifesting joy and cheer with every tune they play. We are a professional team, constantly improvising to give you the best. Our band services will make your event very stylish and elite, yet traditional and your guests will definitely have a blast dancing to our band’s tunes. we also offer the facility of Ghori & Baggi to give your wedding a royal look and make you feel like a king on your big day

Varmala Themes

As everybody is aware of it, Varmala is the moment when the heart starts pounding, breath on hold, eyes widened, and smile décor the face of everyone. Time almost stops at this moment. We create this golden moment more glorious & memorable by introducing certain themes. They are:

  • Crane theme
  • Moon entry theme
  • Ambi theme
  • Revolving stage theme
  • Book theme
  • Shell shape theme
  • Hydraulic stage theme
  • Mandir theme
  • Rajwada stage theme
  • Horse carriage theme
  • LED wall theme
  • Open heart theme-Open heart theme

Or any other theme which is close to your heart & fantasy can be catered to after discussion.